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KR Representative Service

Korean Marketing Research Service

At this point when travel between countries has become so difficult due to the impact of the pandemic, the Korean marketing research provided by CTI Co., Ltd(CTI) will be good news for medical device/equipment manufacturers aiming to enter Korea.

We will help you better understand the market and seize market opportunities by acting on behalf of you for market potential research, market share research, image research, product-related research, price-related research, distribution channel-related research before the release of the relevant medical device/equipment in the Korean market.

The most important thing for all of you who challenge an unknown market would be an accurate judgment about that market.

Through the Korea marketing research service provided by us, your company can be provided with information that can help you identify problems in advance or create other business opportunities before entering the market, and can prevent factors that may have hurt the achievement of corporate goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We, CTI will be your reliable partner for your entry into the Korean market.

We wish your company development and prosperity.

CEO of CTI Co., Ltd.

Hyun Mi Ko