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CTI provides a variety of Korean certification services so that overseas
manufacturers can better adapt to the Korean market.

CTI responds to a rapidly changing certification system with
a variety of educational research and professional knowledge.

CTI always puts customer satisfaction first.

CTI seizes opportunities before your product is
released on the market through research on Korean market potential,
market share and distribution channel research on your behalf.

CTI offers the simplest path to the certification you need.

CTI will be a company that grows together with customers at all times.

Business Performance Report

This is a report on the progress of domestic and international certification services.

DiaDent Group International
[UK Representative Service]

Sterile Paper points
Gutta Percha Points

Taechang Industrial Co.,Ltd. Gumi Plant
[UK Representative Service]

Insulin Pen Needle

BrainU Co., Ltd.,
[EC Representative Service]

CAI Monitoring System

ESR Graphene Co., Ltd.
[EC Representative Service]

Medical Face Mask

[EC Representative Service]

Medical face masks (HYDROGEN, ERREUNO, CELECON)

Pulim Co., Ltd.
[EC Representative Service]

Medical Face Mask

[EC Representative Service]

SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Detection Kit

HB Healthcare Corp.
[EC Representative Service]

Hospital bed

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About CTI

CTI will grow into a diligent company that moves quickly for 'customer satisfaction',
which is its philosophical goal, and provide services tailored to each customer through continuous communication with customers.

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