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KC Certificate

Children's Product Safety System

The purpose of『Children's Product Safety System』is to prevent children accidents caused by products and contribute to the maintenance and promotion of children's health by ensuring the safety of products used by children by the「Special Act on the Safety of Children’s Products」and prescribing basic matters to create a safe environment for children.
The 「Children's Product Safety System」shall divide children's products that may cause harm due to the structure or usage method of products or parts, harmful substances, etc. into 「Safety Certification and Safety Confirmation, Supplier Compliance」 according to the product, and prove the safety corresponding to each equipment.
Target Products
Products subject to「Safety Certification」
  • Water play equipment for children
  • Rides for children
  • Protective devices for automobiles
  • BB guns for children
Products subject to「Safety Confirmation」
  • Infant textile products
  • Children's products related to synthetic resin
  • Sports protective goods for children (Protective gear and safety helmets)
  • Children's Skateboards
  • Children's bunk beds
  • Toys
  • Baby tricycles
  • Highchairs
  • Children's bikes
  • Stationery
  • Baby walkers
  • Strollers
  • Cribs heating packs for children (including hand warmers)
  • Baby carriers
  • Life jackets for children's sports
  • Children's bikes
Products subject to「Supplier Compliance」
  • Children's leather goods polyvinyl chloride tubes (Including soft vinyl chloride hoses)
  • Children’s eyeglass frames (including sunglasses)
  • Children's goggles
  • Children's umbrellas and parasols
  • Children's wheeled sneakers
  • Children's roller skates
  • Children's ski equipment
  • Children's snowboards
  • Shopping cart accessories
  • Children's accessories
  • Children's kickboards
  • Children's inline roller skates
  • Children's furniture
  • Children's textile products
Required Documentation
  • Application form
  • Business registration certificate
  • User’s manual (※In Korean)
  • (If applicable) On-site auditrelated documents
    (※ List of measuring instruments and production facilities, regulations and records for each field, etc.)
  • (If applicable) other requested documents, etc.
※ In case of nonconformity, the nonconformity (document or sample) needs to be supplemented.
A person who violates Article 41 (Penalty) of the「Special Act on the Safety of Children's Products」shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 3 years or by a fine not exceeding 30 million won.
In case of「safety certification」 of products under the same category manufactured at the manufacturing factory of products that have received「safety certification」(with On-site audit), the On-site audit may be omitted.
Validity period
After acquiring 「safety certification」, conduct On-site audit every two years to maintain the certification.