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About Us

About Us

About CTI


Thank all of you who visited CTI Co., Ltd

CTI is a specialized agency for acquiring certifications suitable for electrical and electronic, medical devices and various consumer products in domestic and overseas certifications, that provides faster and more convenient certification acquisition solutions in domestic and overseas certifications.

CTI will grow into a diligentcompany that moves quickly for 'customer satisfaction', which is its philosophical goal, and provides services tailored to each customer through continuous communication with customers. In line with the rapidly changing certification system, we promise to grow into a reliable certification agency with various educational research and professional knowledge.

Based on comfort and trust rather than a rigid procedure system that feels difficult and complicated, we will receive your evaluation with results so that you can receive accurate certification.

CTI will be a company that grows together with customers at all times.

Thank you.

All employees of CTI Co., Ltd.
Company history
Safety Testing Laboratory open accredited by KOLAS
Moved to GIDC(Gwangmyeong International Design Cluster), KTX Gwangmyeong station area
Expanding the scope of certification consulting services
Expanding medical device certification services
Expansion of electric and electronic devices certification services at domestic and overseas
Founded on September 14th
  • Mission

    Contributes to the expansion of customers' imports and exports through certification services

  • Vision

    Korea's TOP 3 certification consulting company

  • Direction

    Testing Lab, Consulting Services,
    Certification services in more diverse fields

  • Core Values

    Independency, Challenge,
    Customer Satisfaction, Open Mindedness Positive Thinking

  • Our Goals

    2 billion won in annual sales
    Certified Testing center accredited by KOLAS
    Estabilishing CTI R&D team and
    being designated by Korea's vanture business promotion program

  • Enterprise Challenges

    Expandation to new business areas
    Strengthening competency training
    for internal employees
    Provide certificate service using IT technology